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Pathways to Learning

Welcome to Pathways to Learning

Pathways to Learning is a collaborative and inclusive program between staff and instructors in Adult Education. The program's goal is to ensure that students, with a documented disability, reach their potential and engage in academic courses with services and resources.  Academic adjustments are available to students who provide documentation of a disability and meet qualifications for admissions to an Adult Education Program.  Upon enrollment in an Adult Education Program the student with a disability has the responsibility to:

  • Identify and provide documentation from an appropriate professional source that verifies the nature of the disability and need for accommodations (school records, Individualized Education Plans, transcripts, psychological testing)
  • Follow specific procedure for obtaining accommodations and/or academic adjustments for testing

The Pathways to Learning Program can assist students with a variety of accommodations that will ensure student access to the GED test and supports the intention of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which may include the following:

  • Audio version of the test
  • Separate testing room
  • Extra testing time
  • Extra breaks
  • Presentation of the  material in large print or screen magnification

Contact one of the four Adult Education sites to learn more about Pathways to Learning- your future begins here!



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