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 IEP vs. SP


Individual Education Plan (IEP) VS. Service Plan (SP)



  • The Individual Education Plan (IEP) documents the services required to meet the needs of students identified with a disability. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 (IDEA) governs services provided to students with disabilities who attend public school.

  • An IEP is a public school document and may be used when converting to a Service Plan for parentally placed private school students.

  • Children with disabilities enrolled in public schools are entitled to Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) and must receive the full range of services under IDEA Part B that are necessary to meet the child’s individual needs through a developed Individual Education Plan (IEP).
  •  A Service Plan (SP) is developed and implemented, upon parent request, for Parentally Placed Private School Students (PPPSS) with a disability who have been designated to receive special education and related services by the school district.

  • PPPSS have no entitlement to receive special education and related services from the public school district (FAPE).

  • Public school districts are not required to develop a SP for every PPPSS with a disability.

  • A SP is limited and reflects only the services that the Local Education Agency (LEA) has determined it will provide to the PPPSS who attend “nonprofit” private schools.

  • A SP never reflects services or accommodations that are provided to the student by private school personnel.