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 What is a McKay Re-Evaluation?

John McKay Scholarship Students

Three Year Reevaluation Facts for Parents

  • According to Florida State Statute 1002.39, The John M. McKay Scholarships for Students with Disabilities Program, a school district shall provide notification to parents of the availability of a reevaluation at least every 3 years for each student who receives a John M. McKay Scholarship.

  • Three year reevaluation meetings are held for McKay Scholarship students who have active exceptional student education (ESE) programs. Reevaluations are not provided for students who have been dismissed from all ESE programs.

  • Parents are notified of the reevaluation meeting through two formal meeting notices. Notices are sent to the home address as listed on the Florida Department of Education McKay Scholarship website.

  • Private schools are notified of the reevaluation meeting through a formal meeting notice. Notices are sent to the school address as listed on the private school directory maintained by the Florida Department of Education. If a private school representative cannot attend the meeting, written input can be provided and is encouraged.

  • The reevaluation may or may not consist of tests and reported observations from your child’s teachers, similar to the evaluation done when your student was first considered for ESE eligibility. If formal evaluations are recommended as part of the reevaluation process, you as the parent have the option of agreeing or refusing to have your child formally reevaluated.  Neither choice will have an impact on the McKay Scholarship funding.

  • If you or the private school representative declines to participate in the reevaluation process, it will not impact McKay Scholarship funding.

  • Reevaluation will not produce a new IEP, change your child’s matrix or affect your child’s McKay Scholarship status.

  • Dismissal from any or all ESE programs does not result in a change to your student’s eligibility status for the McKay Scholarship.

  • McKay Scholarship will not be revoked if the reevaluation becomes overdue, however, it is important to keep student information current.